Why Website Design is So Important for Your Company

October 11, 2017 / in website design / by Bill Stern

website design.jpgWhen people think of website design, they tend to think of complicated coding and difficult work that can be hard for the average person when this is simply not true. Web design does not have to be complex and confusing for it to make an impact.

That said, web design is incredibly important for your  online marketing, mainly because it is the platform that connects all of your customers to your product or service. Without a proper website, your company could be losing business. Keep reading to learn more about the parts of website design that make it so important.

Brand Recognition

Clean web design and a logo that is easily visible is the start to great brand recognition. Even before exploring the links on your website, your homepage needs to be professional, inviting, and informative. If a customer visits your company's website and cannot gather information about exactly what your business is by looking on the first page, you need to redesign your site.

By carrying the same color scheme, logo, images, and even language over to more than one platform, you are subconsciously helping your customers recognize your company more quickly. If you continue to build up your brand recognition, your name could soon be synonymous with a certain product or service.

SEO and Design Trends

SEO and design trends can get a little tricky for novice users. SEO is a great way to get your business noticed on search engines like Google and Bing, which can mean more visits to your website per day. In order to utilize SEO marketing correctly, come up with key words and phrases that are currently popular or trending. You can even go as far as creating thoughtful meta descriptions to pique customers' interest when using search engines.

Follow current web design trends so that your website always looks up to date, but do not change your site around so much that it is not easily navigable or confusing to customers. Playing around with web design can be tricky, so take your time so that you can get a feel for how it can work to your advantage. Check out the web pages for company’s you look up to, as well as companies in the same industry as you, so that you can see from an outside perspective what works and what does not.

Connect with Customers

Web design is also important because it helps you connect with your customers. You want your customers to visit your website and feel comfortable enough to explore and even contact you with questions. If you do not take the time to make your website look nice, you could be inadvertently shooing customers away. Get to know your customers through social media platforms and use the knowledge you gain to highlight what they look for in a company to keep them interested.

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