The Spotlight On 5 Top Trends Driving the Future of Marketing

October 12, 2017 / in inbound marketing / by Bill Stern

the_future_of_marketing.pngStep into my time machine so we can jump ahead a few years and see where marketing is going. Will Inbound still be the rage? How will new apps and technology affect how companies market their products and services.

Okay, no time machine. It would be too easy that way. Then we would know what content to deliver to what audience at what time. We'd know which apps and platforms to invest our time in. Armed with these insights you could spend more time engaging with your audience instead of just trying to understand them.

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In this guide, we’ll explore some of the biggest marketing trends that you’ll be likely to encounter in the next few years, along with some tips for how you can capitalize on them.

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The 5 top Trends in Marketing

Marketing will continue to become more scientific. The amount of data marketers have is increasing along with the understanding of the data. Return on Investment (ROI) will be easier to measure. This is a big change from the past where much of marketing was based on 'instinct'.

The top 5 trends are

  1. Data Driven-With ROI easier to measure marketers will have to produce results to justify each program
  2. Personalized-not just a first name on an email but the expanded use of smart content and understanding who to show what to.
  3. Integrated-Gone are the days that marketing existed in silos. Technology allows for each element to be integrated in all in one platforms such as Hubspot and Marketo
  4. Native Advertising-Advertising may change the most as add blocking apps improve and become more widespread. Sponsored content will be more important. In 2013 only $4.5B by 2017 it will be $17B.
  5. Mobile & Beyond-The switch to mobile has been swift. People like looking at content on a small screen

Historically, marketing has been heavy on the theories and short on the facts, but today marketers are collecting and analyzing more data. Marketing continues to become more scientific. In the past when you were trying to determine a color or wording you would decide by personal preference. Today there is A/B which supports a more scientific decision.

While we can't know the future we can be more prepared for the changes that this continued drive toward technology and connectivity. By 2017 there will be 20 billion internet connected devices.

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