10 SEO Mistakes To Avoid During Website Design

October 10, 2017 / in SEO, website design / by Bill Stern

SEO mistakes during website design10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid 

Redesigning your website isn’t just an exercise in aesthetics. Sure, the purely visual elements of your  website will likely get the most attention, but remember: a great website redesign also requires that you consider (and improve) what’s under the hood.

A flashy exterior doesn’t help much if the actual machine fails to function. If people can’t find your website via search, and if they can’t intuitively navigate through your site’s pages and easily understand what information those pages contain, it doesn’t really matter how beautiful it looks.

When it comes to your website design, form and function need to be a package deal. So while you should absolutely add those new beautiful CTA buttons, and add that big beautiful hero image on your homepage, don’t forget about what’s happening behind the scenes.

In the Beginning

When you are building a website the fist thing you think about should be the SRO of the site. In fact it is the very first mistake listed in my new guide book. '10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid in Your Next Website Design'. Think of it this way. If you built a great resort but nobody could find it you would get no customers. SEO should be ingrained in your website strategy from the start. 

SEO builds a strong foundation for your website and your digital marketing. With design evolving for mobile devices, SEO is even more important for getting your website found by your target audience.

You'll be able to download my guide book by clicking the button at the end of the post. This is only one of the great reference books, guides and templates available in my marketing library.

What's Working?

Another common mistake made in website re-design is not looking at what is working. A complete review of analytics should be done. Of course you'll want to keep the elements that are working. What pages keep traffic engaged and what offers generate the most engagement a just a few important factors to consider. 

Are you Human?

SEO is no longer about trying to fool search engines into thinking your page is authoritative. They are looking at the content on the pages and the traffic to determine it's authority. So you need to make sure you are acting and speaking like a human. 

Google gained the ability to recognize full-sentence queries (in contrast to simply picking out the individual words that make up a query). As a result, search has become much more conversational. 

Google doesn’t want to deliver you “results” anymore, they want to deliver answers. And the best answers don’t come from content farms, they come from websites that are crafted with their visitors -- human beings -- in mind.

What Else Can Go Wrong?

Here are s few other major mistakes made in website design. 

  • Failing to notice commonly searched keywords
  • incorrect or omitted re-directs
  • Balky URL structure

To someone who does not know SEO it may seem like some silly details. But the way people search these days and the way search engines deliver results make it more important than ever. It is not hard to do and it gives you an advantage over your competition. If you are competing with big companies it can help level the playing field.

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10 SEO Mistakes to avoid inyour next website redesign 


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