How to Get 100,000 Readers For Your Blog

October 06, 2017 / in inbound marketing / by Bill Stern

Blog100_Cover_NoBackground.pngWhile your website’s blog might have a few postings, you might not have the following you want. The importance of blogging is to answer the questions that your customers might have about your product and to build trust between you and your customers when you give them all of the correct information. A blog is a key part of any website and is made with the consumer’s ideals in mind. To ensure that there is good traffic in your blog here are a few ways to keep your customers interested.




The importance of relevant content is a vital part of any blog. A browser on your website should click and find information about your product or your product usage in fun posts. The more relevant to your customer the more likely they are to keep scrolling. By keeping your content clean and age appropriate, you allow your customers to browse freely. Your content should be geared towards your targeted age group and the topics of each blog post should have an interesting title.


An important part of a blogpost is to keep your website current, while you can’t go updating your home page every time there is a change in your system or in your product; a blog is the perfect place to announce changes in your products efficiency or usage. A new blogpost can be put up whenever you find a change occurring in our company and it is a way to see your progress over time with your recent posts. The importance of staying current is so your blog is trusted because of its recent updates. Without updating your blog, you risk the dangers of giving out insufficient and obsolete information.


By keeping your blog honest and your information sourced, you’ll be able to attract more traffic to your blog. Not everyone trusts google to find the right answers to their questions. The search results can vary be each website. Instead looking at a website whose blog has all sorts of answers for my product needs is going to be more trusted and accepted. By having an honest blog, you’ll receive continuous traffic with every post.

Reliable updates

A blog should also have reliable updates for every week or two weeks. By having a schedule for updates over time you can begin to create a following for your website. The importance of reliable updates is so your customer following is drawn back to your page whenever they receive an update for a new blog post that could be relevant to their purchases.

Social Media

By connecting social media to your website, you are giving yourself the benefits of being connected. By using Twitter, feeds and Facebook posts to announce updates and blog postings you are getting the word out to your customers and to potential customers as well. SEO social media is going to benefit companies by keeping the traffic flowing to your site.

An increase in traffic to your posts is going to create more traffic to your website as well. By creating honest posts that are easily relatable and interacting with social media as well, you can start to bring in more new customers every day.

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how to get 100000 readers for your blog

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