Does Pay Per Click Still Belong in Your Marketing Arsenal?

October 09, 2017 / in inbound marketing / by Bill Stern

PPCSearch Engine Marketers agree that ranking higher for organic search results is more important than buying the first position in paid results. Seventy percent of people will only click on organic search results. So does paid search still have a place in your marketing strategy?

Before inbound marketing the only way to target was through PPC (Pay per Click) advertising programs. The most familiar is Google Adwords. This program generates more than $50 Billion in revenue for Google. Considering that ads are payed for only when someone clicks on one there is still alot of clicks. 

I used a ppc as part of a campaign to build The Natural Dentist oral care brand. I started my first campaign in 2002, when Google introduced the auction model. It worked well especially in a problem/solution ad. 


Inbound Marketing vs PPC

It's not really one or the other. Paid Search still has a viable place in marketing strategy, but it's a compliment not a replacement. Here are a few ways PPC can complement your inbound marketing

  • Test Landing Pages
  • Find New Keywords
  • Maximize coverage on search engines

Three main elements in a PPC campaign

The three elements to a ppc campaign are keywords, ads and landing pages. The best campaigns are the ones that have a tight relationship between your keywords, ads and landing pages. This shows Google that the campaign has authority and will lead to better ad positions.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Every marketer wishes they knew the words and phrases people are actually searching for. A PPC campaign can help you tighten your view on this and even find new keywords. Google automatically makes suggestions to you for keywords to add to your campaigns.

PPc also allows you to test versions of ads, landing pages and calls to action very easily.

Ad rank does not just depend on your bid

You can't buy your way into the top spot. Google uses an 'ad rank' and 'quality score' to determine ad position. The amount of the bid is a factor however Google looks for relevance and authority to determine where the ads show. You need to have your keywords, ads and landing pages optimized to each other to get that favorable ad position.

Paid Search should never be a replacement for inbound marketing or a stand alone strategy. It is most effective when it is a complementary part of an inbound campaign. Like inbound you can always be optimizing your ppc campaign. There are any number of ways to improve your campaign. 


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Use PPC to compliment your inbound marketing campaign


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