10 Things to Do to Get Results You Want from Social Media Marketing

Depositphotos_42928451_s-2015.jpgToday is the age of social media. People are spending their time sharing pictures on Instagram, sending messages out to their favorite celebrities on Twitter and connecting with friends and family through the ubiquitous Facebook. There is an immensely large group of people who use social media on a daily basis. It’s no wonder that marketing companies want to take advantage of the amount of users on those websites and start social media marketing campaigns.

There are several ways to create a successful social media campaign, but here are 10 easy steps to get the best results from a social media campaign.

Share On the Right Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram and YouTube. Each is incredibly popular social media websites and platforms. While there may be similar features between the five of them, each is very different in look and overall features. A marketing company will have to determine which social media website will be the best choice for this social media campaign. Will pictures on Instagram show off the products the best or will having them go viral through Twitter or Facebook be a better decision?

Design the Right Campaign

With so many different platforms available nowadays, a business has to cater to the particular social media website that they want to share the campaign on. For example, Twitter uses hashtags, so a business would create trendy hashtags on the website in order to get some attention. Use the social media’s strengths to your advantage. After all, Vine, a platform where users make looping videos, may not be the most ideal platform to showcase a product, but Instagram may be.

Inform, Don’t Just Sell

No one wants ads that just say “BUY, BUY, BUY!” Adding on a little comedic short story to the ad will get people’s attention. Facebook has an option to add lengthy descriptions, and using that should be enough to get some information out on the product.

Respond to Any and All Complaints and Criticisms

Not every campaign is going to be 100% perfect, and there will be some social media users that will not be happy. Social media will allow them to voice their complaints directly to the company. As a company, it is ideal to respond, professionally and politely, during the social media campaign. It is also ideal to take into account what they are having difficulty with.

Be a Little Educational

There is nothing wrong with putting some learning material into a social media campaign. Consumers are going to appreciate learning something new, without something being condescending. This will also develop a much bigger audience for the campaign as the educational content can be tailored towards a particular demographic.

Connect With the Audience

With a social media campaign, talking to social media users will be a fantastic way to connect with them on a personal level. Having simple conversations with someone through comments on Facebook, or even tweeting back to someone on Twitter will make them feel more connected to the company.

YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram are Great Social Media Outlets

Text and messages are informative and all, but that can only take a campaign so far. Some incredible looking pictures on Instagram will certainly help create more buzz, and a comedic video on YouTube will get laughs, as well as some needed attention.

Mobile Marketing is a Plus

Just about every single social media platform is an application on a smartphone nowadays. Using mobile marketing techniques through social media will work great to gain a wider audience.

Everyone Loves Free Stuff

A simple giveaway will immediately get attention. Simply advertising a free t-shirt or another useful product will be another great way to connect with an audience on a personal level.

Give an Option for Future Contact

Having users sign up for e-mails is one thing, but making it optional is even better. Social media users are more likely to sign up for something if they are not forced to.

It shouldn’t be difficult to create a thriving social media campaign, especially with all the resources out there to create one. If your company follows these 10 tips, then a great social media campaign will be on your resume in no time at all.

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